Townsville Cultural Festival

Townsville Cultural Festival is one of Australia's largest community events, with over 20,000 participants attending the 5-day event in the name of Unity in Diversity. With representation from over 300 community groups, arts and cultural organisations and schools. The event showcases the true diversity and cultural construct of Australian society whilst paying homage to the Traditional Owners of the land.  More details here.

Creators of Tomorrow Master Class

Creators of Tomorrow is an intensive 3-day residential course designed to activate artists and create Agents of Social Change. This course has been specifically developed for those who wish to become more productive and effective agents of change through the application of their work. Being a successful, full-time creative artist is a revolutionary act in itself, and not without its challenges. So we gather powerhouse facilitators from around the world to provide knowledge, expertise, and support, towards the empowerment of other creative artists. More details here.

Experiential Dinners & Sensory Immersion

Reimagine the day-to-day, immersive yourself in each and every experience,  taste every sound, and feel every scent; Reinvent Reality. UpUpTrampoline events seek to unframe art, and 'artify' the mundane. Our experiential dinners and sensory immersions are designed to create lasting memories, evoke myriad emotions, and induce change. Visceral is one of our favourite words.