Newkind Festival

Welcome to Newkind

What is Newkind?

Newkind Festival is a gathering of thinkers and tinkerers, leaders, inventors, artists and agents of social change; those who want to take it upon themselves to Reinvent Reality. Instead of hoping for changes in society, we are assembling to actively engage in discussing, proposing and showcasing solutions and alternate ways of being. By means of its programming, its policies and its creative design, the event will be a celebration of humanity's ingenuity, tenacity, and creative capability. In essence, Newkind Festival is a conference of ideas and a master class for change-makers, hosted as an alternate reality game, in a stunning natural environment.


We propose there is a new kind of human being required to lead the way and evolve our society. Those willing to step up, dust themselves off and get to work on creating a balanced and peaceful world, where we can achieve our full creative power and potential. We wish for humanity to step into its nobility and live with awareness, intelligence, grace and generosity. Rather than struggling to come to terms with a way of life that is incongruent to our highest nature, let us create the world we wish to live in on a festival scale and propose realities and possibilities that others can adopt and implement.


From March 17th-21st 2017, Newkind Festival will bring thought leaders, educators, inventors, and artists to Tasmania, for 5 days of lectures, workshops, practical learning, physical training, arts and entertainment. Newkind Festival will not only be an event for social change in its own right, but also a launch pad for other projects and social change initiatives that will flow out and extend beyond Newkind. With the facilitation of a post-event online forum and an objectives implementation team, the event will never really end, it will continue throughout the year and across the globe until we reunite again for the next Newkind Festival. The event will run on renewable energy, create zero non-compostable waste, run completely off-grid with a cruelty-free, and drug & alcohol-free policy. By hosting the event with these principles in place we will be implementing that which we stand for; Newkind.

The Experience

For the 1200 attendees, the alternate reality experience begins from the very first touch point which is the purchasing of tickets. Applicants for 'Newkind Base Camp' will have to pick from one of the 6 available factions, and their experience right up until and during the event will be influenced by the faction they choose. There will be 'leaked' emails, text msg challenges, Twitter clues, and absurd Wikipedia pages, facilitated by the game experience team, that will blur the lines of reality. By the time they arrive at the site they will begin to question whether we are actually launching off into outer space. The six factions are also the 6 themes that the booking and programming team are using as a guide when contacting speakers, presenters, inventors, and performers.

The Factions



This faction is for the sociologists, the economists, the town planners, the social architects, the academics and the philosophers. Those interested in the planning and general administration of society, organisational structures and social systems. Themes include education, alternate economies, psychology, policy and politics.



This faction is for the experimental and visionary artists, the sound and light engineers, the VJ’s, the boundary pushing creators of art. Those interested in creating immersive, interactive arts and depicting visions of possible futures. Themes will include art technology, open world theatre, sensory immersion and performance arts.



This faction is for the inventors, the hackers, the architects and builders. Those interested in creating new technologies, writing software, inventing new energy production systems and designing the infrastructure of society. Themes including flight, energy, built environment, technology and invention.



This faction is for the naturalists, the environmentalists, the producers of food and the carers of the land. Those interested in permaculture, botany and living in alignment with nature. Themes include sustainable farming practice, land repair, environmental awareness and sustainability.



This faction is for the healers, the feelers, the nurturers of body and soul, and the prayerful meditators. Those interested in healing the body, peacefulness and practices related to stilling the mind and balancing the body. Themes include spirituality, ceremony, meditation, daily practice.



This faction is for the adventurers, the explorers, the outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. Those interested in martial arts, body hacking, physical training, extreme sports and pioneering. Themes will include wilderness and emergency training, scouting, tracking, hiking and scout tower building.

The Location

Tasmania inspires a sense of wildness and other-worldliness the moment it is mentioned. Its physical separation from mainland Australia and its 'end of the world' position instantly inspires a sense of adventure, discovery and opportunity. But beyond the feeling it inspires, there are very real and tangible reasons why Newkind was set to launch from Tasmania. The state's economy rests largely upon agriculture and eco-tourism, a juxtaposition that makes for an interesting dialogue, while both industries are closely connected to our relationship with the natural environment. The site for Newkind Festival is a lush, serene and truly spectacular waterfront spot, situated on the east coast and surrounded by thousands of acres of sparsely populated agricultural land. If we ever did have to start all over again, this is where you would want to start from.

The Story

UpUpTrampoline is an event and content production company with the soul of a social change movement. With over a decade of experience each in festival management, events production, workshop facilitation, and life as touring performing artists, dual directors Bravo Child and Erfan Daliri, joined forces and launched UpUpTrampoline in 2015. Their vision is to reappropriate the arts and entertainment industries for the purpose of social change and the reinvention of reality. They now host master classes, performance arts events, festivals and workshops across the country with an extended crew around Australia and a full-time arts school and production facility in Melbourne.