Creators of Tomorrow Masterclass

5th-7th August, Echo Creek

A life altering  masterclass, presented by a crew of powerhouse facilitators, and hosted in stunning natural environments. The weekend is designed for those wishing to achieve more authentic and fluent expression in their creative and personal lives. Sessions are choreographed to empower creative artists of any medium by addressing core principles that apply to us all.

As creators our mediums allow us to shape hearts and minds that will in turn shape the world around us. This course has been specifically developed for those who wish to become more productive and effective agents of social change through the application of their work.

We believe that being a successful, full-time creative artist is a revolutionary act in itself, and not without its challenges. So we’ve come together to provide knowledge, expertise and support, towards the empowerment of other creative artists. Re-creating the world for the better is what we’re committed to, and empowering other artists is how we’re going to do it.

If you… Then this is for you: Course fee of $480 for 14 sessions includes:
  • Want to communicate more effectively and authentically
  • Are seeking guidance on becoming a full-time creative.
  • Are a full-time creator seeking that all elusive breakthrough.
  • Wish to address your creative, emotional or mental blocks.
  • Would like to become a more proactive agent of social change.
  • Practical workshops to unleash creativity.
  • Industry knowledge lecture.
  • Communication for Social Change theory sessions.
  • Spiritual / physical connected practice.
  • Fireside discussions and creative jams.
  • Outcome-based post-event support network.
  • 2 nights accommodation.
  • Return shuttle to venue.
  • All meals  (vegetarian).
  • Course materials and supplies.
  • On-going post event support.
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The Presenters

<Erfan Daliri

Erfan Daliri

Erfan is the director of Townsville Cultural Fest (2012-present), author, speaker and spoken word poet but before all that, and before all else, he is a social change consultant and community development project manager. With a Grad. Dip. in Communication for Social Change and over a decade of experience in youth work, social work and refugee settlement, Erfan then forged a career as a spoken word artist with appearances including; Parliament House Canberra, TEDx Byron Bay, Woodford Folk Festival, Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club London.

Between planning festivals, lecturing, writing and performing, Erfan’s commitment is to facilitate the empowerment of young people and in particular creative artists as instruments of social change. With clients including Malaruch Aboriginal Corporation, Beyond Blue, Townsville Intercultural Centre and Max Employment, Erfan decided to develop a course for those doing the work of social change at the grassroots level; creative artists. His vision and goal is to empower conscious soulful creators of reality, and support those who are willing to step up.


Bravo Child

Bravo is a polymath; multi-disciplinary artist, speaker, creative director, marketing consultant, and programmer. He is a creator of experiences, explorer of ideas, a teller of stories, and a breaker of barriers. Providing creative consulting for clients such as Infinity Squared, ARUP, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Commonwealth Bank, and Microsoft.

Having toured internationally as a performer, experiential marketer and workshop facilitator, he recently open-sourced his life by launching the Cognitonaut School of Unlearning; committing to running workshops every single day of the week from his Sydney base.

Bravo’s dedication to the use of creative arts for social change and the empowerment of his fellow creative artists in unquestionable and utterly inspiring. Co-founder of Newkind Festival, and creative director of Townsville Cultural Festival, Bravo Child is the type of workshop facilitator whose knowledge and delivery will leave participants awestruck and forever changed.


Alice Night

Alice is a singer, writer and performance artist. She is currently studying a masters degree at NIDA (Sydney) in Writing for Performance honing her skills as a playwright and storyteller. Alice is compelled by her recognition of the value of art and artistry both for individuals and culturally. Alice is a courageous performer who gladly pushes her own and others boundaries to discover new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

Through her art Alice tackles themes such as male and female ways of relating; family dynamics; power; capitalism; contradiction; beauty; potential; our relationship to industry and to nature; Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships; and how the future will be shaped by our present actions and non-actions.

As a facilitator she offers guidance in poetic thought and strengthening the imagination as well as songwriting and performance skills. She holds space intuitively to provide participants with an opportunity for healing, reflection and re-visioning whilst creating new work along the way. Working both collaboratively and individually the wellsprings of story and artistic ways of being will be explored and in these sessions. Alice encourages us to ask ourselves how we are communicating as artists, what is important and what can be let go of, and what form can best hold the story or message, be it song, poetry, story, theatre or performance art.



ALPHAMAMA is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial recording and performance artist who has been a key figure in the Sydney arts and music scene for over 10 years. She has performed all around the world, supporting and sharing stages with profile artists such as Dead Prez, Jean Grae, Macy Gray and Salt n Pepa and toured as a backing vocalist for Australia’s own Jessica Mauboy, Reece Mastin and NGAIIRE. As a woman of mixed racial heritage, a single mother and keen business woman, ALPHAMAMA is committed to building community and encouraging people to create conscious art that is ethically produced. She recently founded the women’s music label, God Queen Records and runs a holistic music entrepreneur mentoring program that equips artists with the skills they need to set and achieve their goals.


Jo Mion

Jo is a myriad of experiences combined and packed into the one little body. Having spent parts of her life as a circus trainer for youth at risk, a performer in a multitude of circuses around the globe as a flying trapeze artist, a sound editor in the film and tv industry and interestingly as a cat trainer for a large clowder of cats. Currently Jo enjoys life practicing passionately as a Shiatsu practitioner. Jo’s wish is that everyone has access to health. From this wish, upon graduating from the Australian Shiatsu College in 2014, Jo created The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic. A healing space with the ability to reach every corner of the country. With a deep understanding of the foundations of Chinese Medicine, Jo aims to provide a space where everyone can restore their natural flow and connect deeper to themselves thus re-establishing our connection to nature. Thus finding health and happiness.


Lotan Sapir

Lotan is a mime, dancer and performer. Lotan uses these tools to investigate identity, borders, diversity and being human. Lotan creates audience involving performances where the audience takes active participation in the stories they witness. She uses different integrative processes for the purpose of social and ecological change in the Middle East.

Lotan is a facilitator of “The work that reconnects” (Joanna Macy) as well as facilitating movement journeys which heal the connection of human and nature. She is currently developing “The Human Theatre” which is a diverse collective of artists exploring what it means to be human today in the west bank ~ Questioning where we have come from and what we can learn for the future generations to come.

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