Newkind Festival

Newkind Festival is a festival like no other. It is a gathering of thinkers and tinkerers, leaders, inventors, artists and agents of social change. From March 17th-21st 2017, Newkind Festival will bring thought leaders, educators, inventors, and artists to Tasmania, for 5 days of lectures, workshops, practical learning session, physical training, experimental arts and entertainment. Using green energy only, with a zero waste and a vegan, cruelty-free policy, as well as holding a drug and alcohol-free vision for the event, Newkind Festival is as much a conference of ideas for change-makers as it is a celebration of humanity ingenuity and creativity.

UpUp Arts Academy

UpUp Arts Academy is here to facilitate the growth and expansion of a hungry and passionate arts community. As artists, creatives, and creators of content, we have the power to shape hearts and minds, that  in turn influence society. The more effective we become in declaring our visions, the more efficient we become in the creation of content, the less inhibited we are in our expression the better the chance we stand in creating a new world. UpUp Arts Academy runs weekly workshops, lectures, and events to empower artists and creators of all kinds to become more effective agents of social change.


XO is the online arm of UpUp Development. With accessible and affordable online courses that include personal skype sessions and one-to-one mentorship, UpUpTrampoline is able to extend its support even at distance. Bravo Childs creative activation mentorship and advice has been sought but such clients as Commonwealth Bank, Allens Lollies, KPMG and Arup. Erfan Daliri has a Graduate Diploma in Communication for Social Change previous clients include The Univeristy of Queensland, Beyond Blue, and Malaruch Aboriginal Corporation.